Kitchen essentials

From basic cookware and small appliances to pantry items and cookbooks, everything you need to get started with the Mediterranean Diet way of life! My Mediterranean Diet kitchen essentials are must-haves for any cook, no matter how skilled you are.

Transform your pantry into a Mediterranean Diet pantry in small steps, trying a new grain or a new spice at a time. It will awaken your palate to new tastes, textures and adventures.

All cookware, appliances and tools I have personally tested and currently own or have owned in the past.

Pantry items have been selected from reputable brands and I have tested most of them. Whenever possible, they are Mediterranean Diet “compliant”, organic, with no or minimal preservatives, low in sodium and added sugar.

The links to Amazon are provided mostly for illustrative purposes. They are obviously not the most cost-efficient place to purchase some of these staples, unless you can’t find them at your local store.

Also, sometimes links get broken and we apologize for that. We try to maintain this page regularly. If you have any suggestions, feel free to reach out through our contact page.

Have fun discovering my Mediterranean Diet kitchen essentials!

For more guidance on how to plan your Mediterranean Diet meals, check out our serving recommendations guides: or buy directly on our coaching website:

Basic cookware

Small appliances

Kitchen tools


Oils and vinegars




Nuts & seeds

Dried fruit

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Dry goods

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Basic cookbooks